“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


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hearing impairment department

RMBC Vision

“Working with Rotherham’s children, young people and families to be safe, resilient and successful.”

Hearing Impairment Team Vision

“Deaf children and young people will be enabled to access all opportunities. Deaf children and young people will achieve their potential academically, be confident, independent individuals who fulfil their aspirations, are included in their local communities and engaged in employment.

To infinity and beyond…”

The team

J Goodwin

Jill Goodwin


J. Bailey

Julie Bailey

Teacher of the Deaf

Yann Cadieu (Small)

Yann Cadieu

Teacher of the Deaf

k dargan

Kevin Dargan

Teacher of the Deaf

WSSC - Sam Nadin (Small)

Sam Nadin


C. Rodgers

Cathy Rogers


F. Killgannon

Faye Killgannon


T. Kirk

Tina Kirk


Tina Scott


T. Lawton

Tracey Lawton

Deaf Instructor

S Winn

Susan Winn

Team Leader/Audiologist

Mrs. Goodwin is Resource Manager for WSSC. There are three teachers of the Deaf also working throughout the week as well as a team of communication support or inclusion support workers to enable all young Deaf people to access all opportunities at WSSC.

Deaf young people will be enabled to access all opportunities”.

What is a Teacher of the Deaf?

A Teacher of the Deaf is a qualified teacher with the skills and knowledge required to provide quality teaching to mainstream learners, with the additional mandatory qualifications and expertise in teaching Deaf learners. They teach, assess and monitor all Deaf learners on a one to one basis or small groups to ensure they are achieving their maximum potential.

Who are Specialist Learning Support?

We have a group of communication professionals that work with the learners at WSSC to ensure they have full access to the curriculum. All of our students have individual communication needs. Where some will require full British Sign Language (BSL) support, others will use Sign Supported English (SSE) while some will prefer a more oral approach or somebody to take notes of the lesson.

Our team encourage communication amongst peers, especially when participating in group work. All of our staff have been trained in the use of BSL up to level 3 and work closely with the Deaf instructor to develop this skill.

The role of the Deaf Instructor

Our Deaf instructor is a skilled native BSL user that offers holistic support and acts as a positive role model to all the students.

She helps them deal with any social and emotional issues and empowers them with the awareness of:

  • Identity
  • Being Deaf in a hearing world
  • Community
  • Important life skills

Tracey is qualified to level 6 in British Sign Language. She supports both staff and students in their development of British Sign Language.

Why don’t you join in too?

“Deaf children and young people will achieve their potential academically, be confident, independent individuals who fulfil their aspirations, are included in their local communities and engaged in employment”.

Some of the young people do not sign but just need help understanding new concepts and ideas.

We look at what the young person ‘can’ do; consider alternative options with the school if needed to reach academic potential.

The Team work alongside other agencies to allow the Deaf student to be the ‘best’ they can be:

Working with WSSC

  • Every Deaf person has a different level of hearing loss and speech. Each member of WSSC staff would need a profile of their particular young person they may teach.
  • Key points: Deaf people do look at lip patterns to help access, may use hearing aids/cochlear implants to access everyday sounds and could reinforce understanding with sign language (BSL,SSE)
  • Lip reading is difficult: Remember to keep your mouth visible, don’t speak too quickly or turn away.
  • Repetition by the teacher of what other people say in class is vital for inclusivity and understanding.
wssc-white (Small)

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